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We are all aware that recycling is happening 24 hours a day in some distant location in order to save the environment. For most people, however, this is about as far as the knowledge extends. The actual recycling process remains a mystery for the majority of materials. Each kind of recyclable material, in fact, goes through a different procedure as it is recycled. For this reason, sorting recyclable materials is necessary before they can be further processed.

Just about all of the most common items that we use everyday can be recycled. Once they are sorted and sent to the proper facilities, most materials are put through a series of procedures that get them back into their raw form. Many of these processes are simple and safe. However, some products require dangerous procedures that can produce a large amount of air pollution. To combat these factors, large recycling firms are constantly developing research to offer safety solutions.

Heavy metals and industrial materials require the largest amount of effort to recycle. Items such as cooper wiring require extreme temperatures to be melted down and filtered for impurities. These processes are directed from control panels by industry workers. The situation is simply too hazardous to operate directly. Safety solutions in the recycling industry involve incorporating as much automation as possible.

Cars are another item that can be recycled using extreme industrial processes. Once a car leaves the junk yard, it departs as a small cube. It is crushed and condensed so that it is easier to handle and can be processed more quickly. The presses used in the procedure feature hydraulics that exert great amounts of force. In the interest of safety, operators crush the vehicles from a safe distance afforded to them by control panels. Automation promises both efficiency and safety. The more sophisticated the processes of breaking down used material can become, the less waste we will see resulting from the recycling process. Few recycling programs operate with 100% efficiency.

The idea of efficiency in recycling extends beyond the process itself. There is still a huge amount of waste that occurs during the process of sorting. Separating trash from recyclables is far from an exact science. In some trash repositories, the process can still be as rudimentary as running a large magnet over the surface of trash to collect potential metal items.


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