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Although, the U.S. and the world have made a serious effort toward proper recycling and reduction of toxic waste dumps, we are still long ways away from solving the problem. One solution to toxic waste dumps is to become more efficient in the way we process waste. A recycling manufacturer, providing recycling material facilities with all sorts of recycling machinery and automated equipment, has also been on the leading-edge of manufacturing automated recycling systems that are amping up the entire recycling process.
The CP Group has dedicated an entire division known as Advanced MRF to develop and bring the latest automation solutions to material recycling centers worldwide. In fact, Advanced MRF is abreast the latest renewable energy automation technology.
Advanced automation technology features a range of advantages that improve the recycling process and allow us to process waste quickly and efficiently. Including:
Industrial controls
• Distributed controls
• Motor control system
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
• Supervisory Control Data and Acquisition (SCADA)
All of these advanced features come together to allow for greater control, improved efficiency and recycling speed. For example, the SCADA system collects and records valuable data from the machinery, allowing the employees to detect any potential problems right away. Advanced MRF understands that each material recycling facility operates a little differently, and therefore offers customized SCADA systems.
Advanced MRF has been one of the first recycling manufacturers to recognize the need for processing speed while maintaining highest quality standards across the board with custom engineered systems.
Advanced MRF equipment can also be used to e-waste, which is becoming increasingly important. Please learn more about Advanced MRF here, a division of The CP Group, which also owns Krause Manufacturing among others.


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